The Slack community for GDPR questions

A free, open Slack community to help you get your GDPR questions answered.

What is the GDPR Slack community?

The GDPR Slack community is a place to get help with all your GDPR compliance questions in advance of the May 25th deadline. Registration is free and there are no prerequisites to join.

Who are the members?

The community is open to everyone. The members include startup founders, CTOs, lawyers, and experts in the technical and managerial aspects of GDPR compliance.

This community is dedicated to the free and open exchange of information and ideas about GDPR. Neither this community nor its sponsor(s) should be construed to be a law firm. Nothing in this community is legal advice, and we have no attorney client relationship with you.

Can I get legal advice here?

Are there any rules or guidelines for posting?

Who sponsors the community?

In order to keep things friendly and helpful, we ask that all participants read and abide by the GDPR Slack community code of conduct.

The GDPR Slack community is hosted by Aptible, which provides software and services to help businesses comply with GDPR (and other protocols). However, you don't need to be an Aptible customer to join.

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